27 september 2015
Open seminar Grandmaster Stephen T.K. Chan, Malaysia

23.09.2015 - 27.09.2015 series of training and an open seminar Grandmaster Wing Chun STEPHEN T.K. Chan in Kuala Lumpur […] Read more

16 december 2014

Grandmaster Stephen Chan's book about the Wing Chun Kung Fu

Published Grandmaster Stephen TK Chan's a new book about the Wing Chun Kung Fu. In addition to a variety of information about […] Read more

6 december 2014
Birthday of Si Gong Grandmaster Chow Sze Chuen

6 december 2014 in honor of the 89th anniversary of the Grandmaster Chow Sze Chuen, the celebratory dinner in one of the excellent restaurants in Hong Kong. The dinner was attended Grandmaster […] Read more

16 november 2014
Birthday of Grandmaster Stephen T.K. Chan

Today,16 november 2014, the birthday of the chapter of our school Grandmaster Stephen Chan […] Read more
Stephen Chan's  Wing  Chun  Kung Fu  Association - Russian Branch
Stephen Chan's Wing Chun Kung Fu Association is a coalition of schools Wing Chun disciples of Grandmaster Stephen Chan with branches around the world. […]

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