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Pentakill - Cull [OFFICIAL AUDIO] | League of Legends Music


Official audio and visualizer for Cull, from the new album Grasp of the Undying, recorded in the catacombs of the Shadow Isles. STREAM AND DOWNLOAD FOR FREE HERE: Alex "Scherzo" Temple – Production on “Blade of the Ruined King” and Orchestration on “Mortal Reminder” Bob "FriendlyRainbow" DeBelina – Production Coordinator Christian "Praeco" Linke – Executive Producer, Engineer Danny Lohner aka Renholdër – Production, Mixing, and Vocals on "The Hex Core mk-2" Dzijan Emin - Orchestration on “Blade of the Ruined King” Eugene "kyugene" Kang – Bass Guitars Jason "chupacobbler" Willey aka ProtoShredanoid – Lead Guitars Joe "Keytar Dragon" Atlan – Keyboards, Piano JORN Lande – Vocals on "Cull," "Mortal Reminder," "The Bloodthirster," "Dead Man’s Plate," and "Frozen Heart" F.A.M.E.'S. Macedonian Symphonic Orchestra & Choir – Orchestra and Choir on "Blade of the Ruined King" and strings on "Mortal Reminder" Mike “PitmanDrums” Pitman – Producer, Drums, Rhythm Guitars, Lead Guitars, Acoustic Guitars, and Synths Noora Louhimo – Vocals on "Tear of the Goddess" and "Frozen Heart" Per Johansson – Vocals on "Infinity Edge" and "Rapid Firecannon" Richard “RickyTee” Thomson – Drums, Rhythm Guitars, Acoustic Guitars, Lead Guitars & Synths Scott Kirkland - Production and Mixing on "The Hex Core mk-2", Synths on “The Bloodthirster” Smiley Sean – Drum Recording & Engineering Tommy Lee - Drums on "The Hex Core mk-2" Viranda "Viranimal" Tantula – Creative Director, Producer All Music & Lyrics written by Pentakill. Engineered and Produced by Riot Games in Los Angeles, CA and London, UK. Mixed and Mastered by Jacob Hansen. Cut down, one by one No sound remains Don’t fear if death finds you, this day Are you with me Let us savor the pain Do you hear the distant sound Calling your name In time, all of us are forgotten The ones that don’t belong to the pages of history But as my forefathers, I take to the open seas And as long before, I follow and don’t ask more Passed down, long before, the stories of old This time, I will not be forgotten I won’t be towed along with the feeble and the enemy But as my forefathers, I take to the open seas And as long before, I follow and don’t ask more Passed down, long before, the stories of old And won’t be called upon MORE PENTAKILL: Smite and Ignite (debut album): 🤍 MORE RIOT RECORDS: Tracks and albums from the makers of League of Legends: 🤍 PLAY THE GAME: Hell yeah you can play as members of the band: 🤍



Provided to YouTube by IIP-DDS Cull · Pentakill II: Grasp of the Undying ℗ Riot Games Released on: 2017-08-04 Artist: Pentakill Music Publisher: Riot Games Music Publisher: Riot Games Music Publisher: Riot Games Auto-generated by YouTube.



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Hidon | When To Buy CULL?!


ONLY buy cull when its a conscious decision. Rules Of Thumb when it comes to cull buy 1. Dont buy cull if it changes the natural way the lane should go 2. Only buy cull if it does not ruin your spike or change early fights because of the state of the game Long Sword is still good so dont misunderstand what I am saying in the video, the video is made on stream and not preplanned or written script. Dorans blade/Long sword/Cull it just depends on lane and what you are trying to achieve in lane I stream coaching sessions, challenger gameplay fromy myself & a lot more on twitch. If you want to catch them live go to my twitch below. Twitch : 🤍 Follow me on twitter for updates, tips & more click below. Twitter : 🤍 Sub to my patreon below to stop being big noob! Patreon : 🤍 Order coaching here. 🤍 Join my community on my discord below. Discord : 🤍

Plan to cull 200,000 head of cattle in Ireland ‘can only end in disaster’


Geologist Ian Plimer has criticised the move for Ireland to cull 200,000 head of cattle in a bold effort to meet climate targets. Mr Plimer said leaders telling primary producers what to do “can only end in disaster”. “The Irish know about this from the potato famine,” he said. “A third of their population died, a third emigrated, and the same thing will happen. “They will lose productive people from Ireland and they’ll go somewhere else.”

Capture One Pro Tool Introduction | Cull View


If you already have your photos inside Capture One and wish to take advantage of the culling features, you can open the Cull view, available in the toolbar next to Import and Export. This will show the currently selected collection of photos and doesn’t require rendered previews. The Cull view is a great tool for quickly going through large batches of photos for selecting the best ones, with the added benefit of automatically detecting faces for focus evaluation. - Thanks for watching! Learn more about Capture One: 🤍 Download a free 30-day Capture One Pro trial (no credit card needed): 🤍 Join our official Facebook community: 🤍 Check out more free learning resources in our Learning Hub: 🤍 Want to buy right away? See all available purchase options: 🤍 Follow Capture One: Instagram: 🤍 Facebook: 🤍 Twitter: 🤍

Do we need a cull?


There is a notion that there are too many people on the planet, and that we shall use up all the resources sooner or later. But is that really true? Superabundance book: 🤍 - PLEASE SUPPORT THE CHANNEL My videos are funded by people like you. If you enjoy them, please help me make more: Visit 🤍 to become a patron. You can support me by making a one off donation 🤍 OTHER CHANNELS The English Couple - 🤍 Julia's channel - 🤍 The Naked Englishman Podcast - 🤍 #population #abundance #humanity



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Cull and Edit an entire wedding in 1 Hour with Aftershoot


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🔵Cull - Cull Meaning - Cull Examples - Cull Defined - GRE 3500 Vocabulary


Cull - Cull Meaning - Cull Examples - Cull Defined - GRE 3500 Vocabulary 🤍 🤍 🤍 For a torrent of the soundtrack of all my videos on mp3 click here 🤍

Ireland to cull ALL farm animals


Farmers are under attack from within our own leaders are intentionally destroying our food production for net zero virtue Please buy me a cuppa or a beer if you want to help the channel Sign up to my website everything i create goes on there web site 🤍 Merchandise all on the web site folks Telegram 🤍 GETTR 🤍 youtube channels Rotten Politics Rotten to the core sub to both Discord 🤍 Guilded 🤍 Odysee 🤍 Gab 🤍 twitter 🤍 🤍PoliticsRotten Design arts provided by 🤍 if you wish to get your own he can be contacted here enquires🤍

Ironman vs spiderman fighting Cull Obsidian #shorts




Make sure to hit the like button and subscribe to my channel! Follow me here! ► Twitch - 🤍 ► Twitter - 🤍 ► Discord - 🤍 BUSINESS INQUIRIES - Elite500🤍 Thumbnail by: Intro song: 🤍 Outro song: 🤍 #elite500 #challenger #leagueoflegends

DONKEY CULL 2 Hunters Assisting Farmers Series Culling Donkeys in Remote Outback Efficient Effective


DONKEY CULLING IMAGES. PLEASE DON'T WATCH IF THEY UPSET YOU. Hunters Assisting Farmers Series. Culling donkeys in remote stations. Efficient & Cost Effective. Every year station owners are faced with extreme cost in managing feral animals. They include very costly aerial shooting, ground baiting, and shooting. They also need to comply with regulatory requirements to keep the feral animals' numbers in check. The used of Proficient ethical hunters proves efficient & cost effective.

Master Your Spread Cull! Tips & Tricks


Music: Bossanova Musician: Ilya Truhanov URL: 🤍

How to humanely euthanize (cull) goldfish


A bloodless cull method for males. Warning graphic. For feeding reptiles, birds of prey and more.


In this video we are showing how to do a bloodless cull method for culling extra males for falconer food or reptile feeds or even raw dog food

This AI Can Cull Photos Faster Than You!! | How to Use AfterShoot


The future of culling is NOW and it's AI! AfterShoot is an image culling software that will save you time when it comes to culling so you can do more of what you love. I've been using AfterShoot for about a year now and honestly not having to cull is saving my life. Would you trust Aftershoot AI Culling with your photos? Get Aftershoot Unlimited for Lifetime!! 🤍 Pick up my Lightroom Classic Preset for ALL cameras here: 🤍 _ Check out my favorite tools as a PHOTOGRAPHY BUSINESS OWNER, CREATIVE ENTREPRENEUR, and YOUTUBE CONTENT CREATOR HoneyBook for Client Management + Online Contracts (50% off of your account!): 🤍 Lightroom Classic + Lightroom CC for Photo Editing: 🤍 Bench Accounting to Manage my Business Income (30% off of 3 months!): 🤍 Backblaze to Backup my Data: 🤍 the Best Way to Add Closed Captions to your Youtube Videos: 🤍 VidIQ for Youtube content and tag research: 🤍 License Free Music for Youtube and Wedding Videos: Artlist: 🤍 Epidemic Sound: 🤍 Video Index: Intro 0:00 What is AfterShoot? 0:51 Understanding AfterShoot Culling Preferences 1:58 Reviewing Your AfterShoot Cull 5:02 Exporting Images to Lightroom 8:59 Ending 10:08 My Recording Gear: Fujifilm XT4: 🤍 Fujifilm XT3: 🤍 Fujifilm 23mm f/2: 🤍 Mefoto Tripod: 🤍 Rode VideoMic NTG: 🤍 Atomos Ninja V: 🤍 SanDisk Extreme Pro: 🤍 MagMod MagBox Softbox: 🤍 Godox SL60W: 🤍 Follow Me Online: Patreon: 🤍 Instagram: 🤍 Facebook: 🤍 Twitter: 🤍 DISCLAIMER: This video and description contain affiliate links, which means that if you click on one of the product links, we’ll receive a small commission. #aftershoot #aiculling

A new pile of games are ready to roll! (Keep or Cull)


It's. that time again! What time? Keep or cull time! 8 games on the pile today! We had a blast filming this one, and we hope you'll love it as well! Thanks for watching, and for being awesome! #boardgamegeek #boardgames #keeporcull

5 DATOS Increíbles de BLACK DWARF - CULL OBSIDIAN que Debes de Saber en MARVEL y UCM 👽🤓 #shorts


5 DATOS Increíbles de Black Dwarf - Cull Obsidian que Debes de Saber en MARVEL Comics y UCM 🤓 (En 1 Minuto al Estilo de Re Nerdo Marvel Comics y UCM) ✅ Puedes seguir viendo más videos de MARVEL como este Aquí 👉 🤍 💛 Aquí otros videos Relacionados con el tema de Black Dwarf - Cull Obsidian de Marvel Cómics y UCM o MCU 👉 - 5 DATOS Increíbles de CORVUS GLAIVE que Debes de Saber en MARVEL Comics y UCM 🤍 - 5 DATOS Increíbles de PROXIMA MIDNIGHT que Debes de Saber en MARVEL Comics y UCM 🤍 - 5 DATOS Increíbles de la EBONY MAW que Debes de Saber en Marvel Comics y UCM 🤍 - 5 DATOS Increíbles de la FUERZA FENIX que Debes de Saber en MARVEL Comics y UCM 🤍 🤔 Mini Biografía del personaje Black Dwarf - Cull Obsidian de Marvel Cómics y UCM o MCU Black Dwarf es un villano extraterrestre ficticio en los cómics publicados por Marvel Comics. Es un miembro destacado del Orden Negro, un equipo de alienígenas que trabajan para el titán Thanos. Black Dwarf aparece con el nombre de Cull Obsidian, uno de los Hijos de Thanos, en la película de 2018 Avengers: Infinity War y la película de 2019, Avengers: Endgame, retratado por Terry Notary. Black Dwarf apareció por primera vez en un cameo de un panel en New Avengers vol. 3 - 8 y fue creado por Jonathan Hickman y Jerome Opeña. Su aspecto completo, junto con otros miembros del Orden Negro, tiene lugar en Infinity, lanzado en octubre de 2013. 🧐 Etiquetas: #youtubeshorts #blackdwarf #cullobsidian #short #ytshorts ✅ SUSCRÍBETE AL CANAL de Re Nerdo Marvel 👍 LIKE si te gusta el vídeo. 🚀 COMPARTE si quieres que lleguemos a más Amigos o los Vengadores 📮 CONTACTO: soyrenerdo🤍 🤓 Gracias Amigos por ver los videos de Re Nerdo Marvel y UCM o MCU 👍 👋

THE CULL Ep 52 - Ben Milliken's Open Win Is the Most Significant Open Win Matt Pangrac & Dave Mercer


Welcome to THE CULL. A weekly sportfishing debate show hosted by Bassmaster Emcee Dave Mercer & Matt Pangrac from Bass Talk Live. This week’s question- Ben Milliken's Most Recent Open Win Is The Most Significant Open Win Ever. Keep or Cull? For more Facts of Fishing visit 🤍 or listen on: Apple iTunes 🤍ast/mercer/id1564172169 Amazon Music/Audible 🤍s/a2fffdf9-2538-4716-87c8-817655e5ee73 Alexa/TuneIn 🤍s/MediaEntertainment-Podcasts/MERCER-p1422424/ Google Podcasts 🤍R0cHM6Ly9mZWVkLnBvZGJlYW4uY29tL2RhdmU1ZS9mZWVkLnhtbA iHeartRadio 🤍/269-mercer-81027990/ Listen Notes 🤍s/mercer-dave-mercer-EjlqXxfGW9V/ PlayerFM 🤍mercer/mercer-episode-1 PodBean 🤍feed.xml Podchaser 🤍s/mercer-1871018 Podcast Addict 🤍/3303877 Samsung: Available on Samsung Devices Spotify 🤍5i85dL7ZwEms1LlExY2c Facts of Fishing Social: Twitter: 🤍 Facebook: 🤍 Instagram: 🤍 #fishingpodcast #fishingdebate #thecull



Blitz helps you automatically pick your runes and builds in real time. Download the Blitz App today! 🤍 Like and comment if u enjoyed the video it helps a lot 📺 Watch Me Live At: Twitch: 🤍 📱 Follow me On Tiktok: 🤍 🐦 Follow Me On Twitter: 🤍 🎮 Join My Discord server: 🤍 ╼╾╼╾╼╾╼╾╼╾╼╾╼╾╼╾╼╾╼╾╼╾ Business Contact ➡️ drututt.sponsorship🤍 ╼╾╼╾╼╾╼╾╼╾╼╾╼╾╼╾╼╾╼╾╼╾ #Twitch #Highlights #LiveStream #Gameplay #Drututt

How to Quickly Cull Large Batches of Photos | Master Your Craft


Pye wants to save you tons of time by giving you his favorite tips on culling large batches of photos in a matter of minutes. These techniques work across the board no matter what program you use to edit, but for this tutorial, he will be using Lightroom to show you how he culls images. Welcome to “Master Your Craft,” a photography educational series by SLR Lounge, exclusively on Adorama TV. From gear advice to in-depth instruction, our goal is to give you practical, real-world advice to help you master the craft of photography. Whether you’re a beginner just learning your camera, an amateur looking to become pro, or professional seeking inspiration, this is the series you’ve been looking for to help you become a better photographer. Disclaimer: This video was filmed prior to the announcement of global pandemic COVID-19. Gear Used to Produce: Canon EOS C200 8.85MP PL Mount 4K UHD Digital Cinema Camera Body: 🤍 Canon EF 24-70mm f/2.8L II USM Zoom Lens: 🤍 Benro S8 Tripod: 🤍 Blue Yeti USB Microphone: 🤍 Adobe Premiere Pro: 🤍 ► Learn more on SLR Lounge Premium Education: 🤍 ► Their NEW Visual Flow Lightroom Preset System: 🤍 YouTube: 🤍 Newsletter: 🤍 Instagram: 🤍 Facebook: 🤍 Twitter: 🤍 Subscribe to the Adorama YouTube Channel: 🤍 Follow us on Social Media ☞ 🤍 ☞🤍 ☞ 🤍 #CullingPhotoWorkflow #HowTo #PostProcessingTutorial

ABBATH - Dream Cull (Official Music Video) 2022


Riff-maestro Abbath Doom Occulta cements his place among the heavy metal hierarchy with ‘Dread Reaver,’ his third album with eponymous project ABBATH. His signature blend of blistering speed metal, traditional metal influences, and touch of ice-cold black metal create a sound and style that is distinctly his. It’s spirited, balls-to-the-walls energy certifies ‘Dread Reaver’ as the quintessential anthem for galloping forth into the pit. ► Order 'Dread Reaver' here: 🤍 ► Pre-save on your favorite streaming service: 🤍 ► More info+ a detailed bio: 🤍 #abbath #dreadreaver #norwegianblackmetal Video credits: Created by Francisco Munoz and Olve Eikemo Directed by Francisco Munoz Production assistants Tord sjursen og Kjartan Vee Mastered by Maor Appelbaum at Maor Appelbaum Mastering 🤍 Music by Abbath, lyrics by Simon Dancaster Recorded in Dub Studio / Additional recordings: Bergen Lydstudio Produced by Endre Kirkesola, Dag Erik Nygaard & Abbath Mixed and engineered by Abbath and Endre Kirkesola Follow Abbath 🤍 🤍 🤍 🤍 🤍 Subscribe to Season Of Mist for new releases : 🤍 Follow Season Of Mist: 🤍 🤍 🤍 🤍 🤍 🤍 - Season of Mist has always been known for being an innovative and wide spectrum label, interested in exploring and developing new artists and bands. The label represents well-known acts such as ABBATH, SÓLSTAFIR and HEILUNG, as well as rising stars in extreme metal like THE GREAT OLD ONES, GAEREA, ARCHSPIRE and CARACH ANGREN.

Covet, catch or cull: managing feral horses in Australia 🐎 | Meet the Ferals Ep 1 | ABC Australia


CORRECTION: In the voiceover at 8:18 the reporter wrongly says “With mares producing at least 2 foals a year…”. Mares on average produce one foal every two years. Thanks to the users who pointed this out in the comments. Source: 🤍 Original video description: Brumbies, or wild horses, are both loved and loathed as either a heritage horse or feral pest. It makes controlling their numbers more difficult. 📺Watch the full series here: 🤍 Ep 2: Feral cats - Australia's native animal annihilators 😼🦜 🤍 Ep 3: The complex conundrum of wild deer in Australia 🦌 🤍 Ep 4: The devastating impact of Australia's wild dogs 🐕 🤍 Ep 5: Big bucks: feral goats recognised as a serious asset 🐐 🤍 Ep 6: 160 year battle against one of Australia's worst invasives 🐇 🤍 Ep 7: Damage, death & disease: devastating effects of wild boars 🐗 🤍 Ep 8: Outback camels: culls and carcasses or milk and meat? 🐪 🤍 Ep 9: Battling to eliminate carp from Australian waterways 🐟 🤍 Meet the Ferals looks at the devastating impact feral animals have on Australia's environment and agriculture and how farmers control introduced pests like cats, goats, pigs, rabbits and wild dogs. Produced and presented by reporter Prue Adams, this series focuses on a different feral animal each episode. The content has been gathered from the three decades Landline has been on air, with background information and support provided through the Centre for Invasive Species Solutions. Subscribe ✅ 🤍 and tap the notification bell 🔔 to be delivered Australian stories every day. Please note: On most of our videos, the captions/subtitles are auto-generated by YouTube. _ Web: 🤍 Facebook: 🤍 Twitter: 🤍 Instagram: 🤍 _ This is an official Australian Broadcasting Corporation YouTube channel. Contributions may be removed if they violate ABC's Online Conditions of Use 🤍 (Section 3).

THE CULL Ep 58 - Shotgun Starts Should Have Never Stopped with Matt Pangrac and Dave Mercer


Welcome to THE CULL. A weekly sport fishing debate show hosted by Bassmaster Emcee Dave Mercer & Matt Pangrac from Bass Talk Live. This week’s question- Shotgun starts should have never stopped in pro tournaments. Keep or Cull? For more Facts of Fishing visit 🤍 or listen on: Apple iTunes 🤍ast/the-cull-the-sport-fishing-debate-show/id1683685005 Amazon Music/Audible 🤍s/325f5afb-e648-4d17-8da8-be7a8d6e3fa3 Alexa/TuneIn 🤍HE-CULL-The-Sport-Fishing-Debate-Show-p3720343/ BoomPlay 🤍s/63302 Deezer 🤍78597 Google Podcasts 🤍R0cHM6Ly9mZWVkLnBvZGJlYW4uY29tL21lcmNlcnBvZGNhc3R0aGVjdWxsNS9mZWVkLnhtbA iHeartRadio 🤍/113541662 Listen Notes 🤍xU24 PlayerFM 🤍3469148 PodBean 🤍 Podchaser 🤍s/the-cull-the-sport-fishing-deb-5289284 Podcast Addict 🤍/the-cull-the-sport-fishing-debate-show/4404373 Samsung: Available on Samsung Devices Spotify 🤍8mJspZRiAhPKnh6nKIDu Simplecast Stitcher 🤍4172 Facts of Fishing Social: Twitter: 🤍 Facebook: 🤍 Instagram: 🤍 #fishingdebate #TheCull #BassTalkLive

Kocak, Andre Jadi MC Memperkenalkan Frederika Cull | BTS (28/05/23) Part 2


Live Streaming : 🤍 ##### BTS (BERCANDA TAPI SANTAI) Minggu, 28 Mei 2023 PART 1 : 🤍 PART 2 : 🤍 PART 3 : 🤍 PART 4 : 🤍 PART 5 : 🤍 BTS TAYANG SETIAP: SABTU-MINGGU PUKUL 21.30 WIB

Cull Obsidian - REVIEW COMPLETA!


Seja membro deste canal e ganhe benefícios: 🤍 Olá, seja bem-vindo(a), é um prazer te ver por aqui... Caso goste do conteúdo, não se esqueça de deixar o like e se inscrever no canal, também ative o sino para receber as notificações do canal! Nosso grupo no WhatsApp: 🤍 Periféricos e Aparelhos: Headset: Headset Gamer Dazz Diamond 7.1 Mouse: Microsoft USB Basic Optical v2.0 Teclado: Gamer Coolermaster Devastator II SGB-3030-KKMF1-BR Webcam: C270 Logitech Smartphone: Xiaomi Mi 8 Lite Placa de vídeo: GTX 1650 Processador: i7-4771 RAM instalada: 16,0 GB Sistema Operacional: Windows 10 Pro, 64 bits Músicas: Leuzin Beats: 🤍 Música da Intro: 🤍 Nosso grupo no WhatsApp: 🤍

Arti Puteri Episode 07: Frederika Cull - Puteri Indonesia 2019


Perjalanan Frederika sebagai Puteri Indonesia telah mengajarkan banyak orang. Bahwa kecantikan sejati terletak pada tindakan kita, dan bagaimana kita memanfaatkan platform yang dimiliki, untuk melakukan aksi nyata yang bermanfaat dan memberikan dampak positif bagi masyarakat luas. Saksikan kisah lengkap Frederika Cull bersama Ayu Saraswati (Puteri Indonesia Lingkungan 2020) di episode ketujuh "Arti Puteri". Sebuah kolaborasi dari Oppal, Yayasan Puteri Indonesia, dan Mustika Ratu Entertainment. 📍The Langham, Jakarta 🎵 Theme Song Puteri Indonesia by 🤍baimguitar #oppal #oppalentertainment #puteriindonesia2019 #puteriindonesialingkungan2020 #artiputeri Follow our Social Media: Facebook: 🤍 Instagram: 🤍 Twitter: 🤍 Tiktok: 🤍 Website: 🤍

How to Cull Photos Like a Pro!


Pangolin Photo Host William Steel is going to show you his step-by-step process on how to cull photos that you have taken in a sequence! Using Adobe Lightroom he will show his 7-step process demonstrating how he went from 500 images down to the best 1! If you are interested in joining William safari then please have a look at our photo safari packages: 🤍 For more photography tips and tricks, visit our website's blog page: 🤍 Timestamps: 00:01 Intro: How to Cull Photos like a Pro 01:18 Importing a sequence to Lightroom 02:00 Rejecting the first images 02:55 Refining your selection 03:32 Colour rating your images 04:27 Using the Lightroom star rating 05:03 Doing some quick edits 05:41 Adjusting the star rating 06:07 Selecting the best Image We are Pangolin Wildlife Photography based in the Chobe, Northern Botswana. When we are not making videos for our channel we host our guests and clients from all over the world on our Wildlife Photography safaris throughout Botswana and the rest of Africa..and beyond sometimes too! If you would like to be kept informed of our new videos releases as well as online tutorials, gear reviews and special offers on safaris then please join our community by clicking here: 🤍 #wildlifephotography #naturephotography #lightroom

궁극의 카드기술 'CULL'을 공개합니다. CULL by 이인호


언더그라운드에서는 컬로써 이미 명성이 자자했던 이인호 마술사의 첫번째 렉쳐가 드디어 2023년 출시되었습니다. 컬 이라는 기술은 단순한 컨트롤부터, 모든 카드를 원하는 대로 분류해내는 풀 덱 세퍼레이션까지 엄청나게 넓은 폭 범주를 다루고 있는 기술입니다. 이 기술을 익히신다면 여러분들께서는 다양한 연출과 현상을 다채롭게 만들 수 있으며, 관객의 눈 앞에서 다음 마술을 위한 세팅을 하는 등 여러분들의 손 안의 가장 강력한 무기가 될 것 입니다. #카드마술 #렉쳐노트 #마술도구 #렉쳐노트마술배우기

An EASIER Way to CULL Images in Lightroom


In this tutorial, I demonstrate how to quickly and easily cull a large number of images in Lightroom. Check out my ALL NEW, iso adaptive, Lightroom Presets a HUGE pack of over 500 presets: 🤍 I am an affiliate for all of the companies listed EXCEPT Affinity Photo. Please read my Code of Ethics Statement: 🤍 Tap into Adobe's Creative Cloud: 🤍 Anthony Morganti’s MUST HAVE applications: At least one Non-Destructive RAW Editor Lightroom - 🤍 Capture One - 🤍 (Save 10% with Promo Code: MORGANTI10) Luminar - 🤍 (Save with the Promo Code AM16) On1 Photo RAW - 🤍 (Save 20% with Promo Code: AM17) Exposure X6 - 🤍 (Save 10% with Promo Code: AnthonyMorganti) PhotoLab 4: 🤍 At least one FULL Editing App: Photoshop - 🤍 Affinity Photo - 🤍 My MUST-HAVE Plugins: Topaz Gigapixel AI - 🤍 Topaz Sharpen AI - 🤍 Topaz Denoise AI - 🤍 *Save 15% on all Topaz Labs apps — use the Promo Code: AMDISC15 or instead of Topaz Denoise AI: On1 NoNoise AI - 🤍 (Save 20% with Promo Code: AM17) Nik Silver Efex Pro 2 - 🤍 My MUST-HAVE Mac Utility: CleanMyMac X - Info: 🤍 To save 10% on your purchase of CleanMyMac X: 1. Visit the CleanMyMac X store: 🤍 2. Scroll down to the very bottom of the page and click on "Enter it now" under "Already have a coupon code?" 3. Paste the promo code TONY10 and hit "Verify" 4. The prices will be reduced, and you’ll be able to select the license and proceed with the payment Note that all of the promo codes listed above may not work on sale products. * I am an affiliate for all of the companies listed EXCEPT Affinity Photo. Please read my Code of Ethics Statement: 🤍 Please follow me on Instagram: 🤍 View my recommended gear list: 🤍 As an Amazon Associate, I earn from qualifying purchases. I use this software to record my screen and make parts of my screen enlarge and zoom out so you can see it: Screenflow: 🤍 Unsure of how to price your photography? Check the 2019 Guide to Pricing Your Photography: 🤍 I am an affiliate for all of the companies listed EXCEPT Affinity Photo. Please read my Code of Ethics Statement here: 🤍 Thank you!

THE CULL Ep 57 - Catching A Bass On The First Cast Is Bad Luck with Matt Pangrac and Dave Mercer


Welcome to THE CULL. A weekly sport fishing debate show hosted by Bassmaster Emcee Dave Mercer & Matt Pangrac from Bass Talk Live. This week’s question- Catching a bass on your first cast in a tournaments is bad luck. Keep or Cull? For more Facts of Fishing visit 🤍 or listen on: Apple iTunes 🤍ast/the-cull-the-sport-fishing-debate-show/id1683685005 Amazon Music/Audible 🤍s/325f5afb-e648-4d17-8da8-be7a8d6e3fa3 Alexa/TuneIn 🤍HE-CULL-The-Sport-Fishing-Debate-Show-p3720343/ BoomPlay 🤍s/63302 Deezer 🤍78597 Google Podcasts 🤍R0cHM6Ly9mZWVkLnBvZGJlYW4uY29tL21lcmNlcnBvZGNhc3R0aGVjdWxsNS9mZWVkLnhtbA iHeartRadio 🤍/113541662 Listen Notes 🤍xU24 PlayerFM 🤍3469148 PodBean 🤍 Podchaser 🤍s/the-cull-the-sport-fishing-deb-5289284 Podcast Addict 🤍/the-cull-the-sport-fishing-debate-show/4404373 Samsung: Available on Samsung Devices Spotify 🤍8mJspZRiAhPKnh6nKIDu Simplecast Stitcher 🤍4172 Facts of Fishing Social: Twitter: 🤍 Facebook: 🤍 Instagram: 🤍 #fishingdebate #TheCull #BassTalkLive

The CULL | In-Depth Sleight Of Hand Tutorial


Some more really amazing cull material to check out: 🤍 🤍 Deck I Used (Hudson Playing Cards - Theory11): 🤍 Hey everyone! This has been highly requested for a while now, so I thought I'd get around to it: a full in depth tutorial for the cull! If you're new to card magic, this is one of the most versatile sleights out there; if you're already an experienced pro, then hopefully you'll find some of my tips helpful! Don't forget to like, comment, and subscribe! Timestamps: 00:00 - The Cull: Demo 01:21 - Basic Cull Tutorial 04:50 - Tip #1: Pinky Placement 05:44 - Tip #2: Rhythm/Timing 07:24 - Tip #3: Control Cards Anywhere 08:46 - Tip #4: Misdirection 09:37 - Multiple Card Cull Tags: #cardmagic #sleightofhand #cull

Closet Confessions: My Top Ten Tips For Culling Your Wardrobe | Fashion Haul | Trinny


Are you overdue a wardrobe cull? Let’s say goodbye to what no longer serves us in today’s Closet Confessions. The timing couldn’t be better for a fresh start – not only is it January, but we’re about to host our biannual clothes swap at Trinny London HQ, so I’ve been raiding my wardrobe for pieces I think should go to a new home. When deciding what to keep and what to give away, there are a few key points to consider. If the cut, colour, fabric or style of a piece no longer works for the woman you are today, pass it on to someone who will truly cherish it… Take a whistle-stop tour through Trinny Woodall’s (fifteen) wardrobes with Closet Confessions. In each episode, Trinny deep-dives into a particular section of her closet, mixing high street, vintage, designer and everything in between. This is everything you’ve ever wanted to know about fashion and styling, from the expert herself. - Trinny’s outfit Black pleather dress: Zara Shirt: ME+EM Tights: Wacoal Boots: Prada Belt: Balmain

SAFE BA KAININ ANG CULL NA MANOK? | Poultry Farming in the Philippines | Dwight Tamayo


PLEASE WATCH IN HD🙂 Subscribe to my Wife's Youtube Channel for more Farm Business Tips and Vlogs 🤍tinmayarcenas2446 👉🏼🤍 If you have suggestions, requests or recommendations just message me on my Instagram account: dwighttamayoph Thank you. -Dwight Tamayo #agribusiness #eggbusiness #poultryfarming #eggs #poultry

Ireland to Cull 200k Cows for Climate Change | JBS News Analysis


Sometimes YouTube censors our videos. Help the freedom movement and subscribe to: The JBS Rumble Channel: 🤍 The JBS YouMaker Channel: 🤍 A few weeks ago, we called attention to the latest European Union efforts to get 3,000 farms shutdown in the Netherlands in order to help meet the EU’s emission goals due to climate change alarmism. Now, the latest victim in this scheme is Ireland, which has proposed to kill 200,000 cows—again, because of an extremist agenda. We’ll fill you in on the latest in this episode of Analysis Behind the News, and demonstrate how this is also starting to bleed over into America’s Heartland. If you’re concerned about American independence and freedom, then please watch and take the recommended actions. Also, be sure to share, like, and subscribe, so we can reach many others. ACTION ITEMS: Visit the Stop the War on Farmers action project page: 🤍 Tell Congress to Get Out of the United Nations: 🤍 Contact your local JBS Coordinator to learn of local opportunities: 🤍 Join The John Birch Society: 🤍 ▶️ More Related Videos - Raising the Debt Ceiling Doesn’t Restore Fiscal Sanity | JBS News Analysis. 🤍 - EU Sells Out Dutch Farmers | JBS News Analysis. 🤍 - What Globalists Really Think About Sovereignty | JBS News Analysis. 🤍 LIKE THE JOHN BIRCH SOCIETY AND WANT TO GET INVOLVED? HERE ARE SOME NEXT STEPS! 🇺🇸 Become a Member 🤍 📧 Free E-Newsletter 🤍 💰 Donate to Help Keep our Videos Free 🤍 📺 Subscribe to our YouTube Channel 🤍 📲 Let's Connect! - 🤍 - 🤍 - 🤍 - 🤍 - 🤍 - 🤍 - 🤍 📺 The New American YouTube 🤍 - 🤍 #killingcows, #UN, #JBS, #johnbirchsociety, #EU, #europeanunion, #waronfarmers, #climatechange, #ireland, #china, #northdakota, #southdakota

Wendi Kencan Sama Frederika Cull, Andre Sembunyi Memata-matai | BTS (28/05/23) Part 4


Live Streaming : 🤍 ##### BTS (BERCANDA TAPI SANTAI) Minggu, 28 Mei 2023 PART 1 : 🤍 PART 2 : 🤍 PART 3 : 🤍 PART 4 : 🤍 PART 5 : 🤍 BTS TAYANG SETIAP: SABTU-MINGGU PUKUL 21.30 WIB

Origins of Cull Obsidian - MCU


Marvel Merch: 🤍 Code "Wave" 5% Off MERCH: 🤍 For all sponsorship and business inquiries please contact: thestupendousscrub🤍 Business: tmarvelouswave🤍 Twitter: 🤍StupendousWave I believe all content used falls under the remits of Fair Use, but if any content owners would like to dispute this I will not hesitate to immediately remove said content. It is not my intent to in any way infringe on their content ownership. If you happen to find your art or images in the video please let me know and I will be glad to credit you. Additional Music "Omega" By Scott Buckley – 🤍 End Song By WhiteSand "Eternity" 🤍 Composer: Whitesand (Martynas Lau) Year: 2017 Title: Eternity Additional Music Terminus by: Scott Buckley Released under CC-BY 4.0. 🤍 Terminus: 🤍

Can You Make Money with Cull Cows in 2020?


Last week we took cull cows to the auction to be sold as either bred cows or cows that will enter the food supply. In this video I’ll update you on how things went and how much we got for them!

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