VM22 Mikuni jetting and tuning basics

Dirty 77

Dirty 77

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Created by InShot:🤍inshotapp.page.link/YTShare VM22 carburetor Mikuni

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VM22 Mikuni jetting and tuning basics
VM22 Mikuni jetting and tuning basics
VM22 Mikuni jetting and tuning basics
VM22 Mikuni jetting and tuning basics
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2023-11-29 07:12:34

Thank you for spending the time and effort to share the details.

2023-11-22 04:51:01

I just installed one and i am getting a lot of kickback when starting and a little white smoke .

2023-10-04 01:08:50

Underneath your needle you don't have the lil plastic shim? You should...keeps needle from bouncing....tiny white plastic washer

2023-09-18 22:50:56

Just slapped a 115 main on my 224. Haven’t messed with the pilot. Runs and revs great

2023-09-15 14:53:37

Try using the correct size screwdriver to get the jet out, idle to 1/4 throttle is controlled by the pilot, anything after is main, pilot flows constant after 1/4 throttle

2023-08-28 20:17:47

I hooked a pulse pump to it because it wasn't getting gas at all, but now it dumps gas out the overflow now when I ride it, what dose that mean?

2023-08-14 01:52:15

You wanna take the washer off the plug w that temp sensor

2023-06-25 18:16:58

Good video bud! Curious if you had to run a pulse pump on that VM22 vs just gravity fed?

2023-05-18 09:18:02

Just picked up my vm22mm carb , what jet size do you recommend for running ethanol.. thanks in advance! Great video

2023-05-16 16:27:10

Do a video on the head temperature sensor please there’s like not one video on YouTube about it

2023-05-11 05:58:52

1977 Yamaha DT175 enduro came with a mikuni vm24 series carburetors from the factory. I know cause I have one on my non hemi ducar 212cc,& a spare parts carb,vm24.

2023-05-06 20:10:17

About how long do you have to run it for the spark plug to change?

2023-05-01 14:50:57

This is the biggest debbie downer ever. They don't make parts for this. Cant find this carb. This will swell. Someone doesnt give a shlt about this carb. Unless you are in the mountsins. Which i seriously doubt. Welp. Im in the mountains. Man you are depressing. Your kids must love askjng you for help. You arent even working on it. And ugh. Ugh. Ugh. Dude hang it up. And for gods sake. Use the right size screwdriver on that jet. Oh knowone sells it but go power sports. I dont care what anyone says. They are wrong. They are wrong? I literally just got 4 of em. That's why i was watching this depressfest. Cant get them. I wish this camera would focus. I dont know what its for. Oh it fits in this one. Ugh. Bro hang it up. Do something you like. Im just blind as a bat. This camera sucks. Anyway. Who cares. Get an electric bike. Less problems. Less hearing you cry. God you are depressing. This is suppossed to be fun. You ruin everything. Depressfest

2023-04-13 22:34:18

Who ever screwed it up? Nigga that was you with the screw driver, ya hack

2023-04-02 01:13:36

pls, help me! is it okay if my VM22 only gets settled in about 5 rounds? screw head (mixture air/fuel) sticks way out of its little house/hole

2023-04-01 01:55:43

I have this same carb on my predator 212 stock with only a governor delete. No matter how much I tune it , it always idles high and if I don't place my go kart on stands it'll take off on me. Can u suggest any ideas on what it might be ?

2023-03-16 05:21:53

Mine does nothing but leak gas out of the over flow and then shuts off when you hit the throttle can you tell me what that means

2023-02-24 04:03:16

Still need a sticker what's going on with that boss any luck

2023-01-29 20:54:27

I don't get ANYTHING from Amazon, their descriptions SUCK, they LIE, and will say anything, to get you to click "pay now" ...and their prices aren't that great either.

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